Definition of national park in English:

national park


  • An area of countryside, or occasionally sea or fresh water, protected by the state for the enjoyment of the general public or the preservation of wildlife.

    ‘commercial exploitation of natural resources in a national park is illegal’
    • ‘Finally, it must be remembered that this is a site in a conservation area in a national park.’
    • ‘Without the protection of nature reserves and national parks they have little chance of survival.’
    • ‘This rule is set by the national parks general policy and approved by the Conservation Authority.’
    • ‘The country has established national parks and game reserves where these animals are protected.’
    • ‘When summer is hot and dry, and the eucalypt underbrush piled high, the Sydney area's national parks go boom.’
    • ‘The national parks of the Bahamas are treasure troves of biodiversity.’
    • ‘That could lead to development destructive to wilderness areas and even national parks.’
    • ‘We gather in Rome for a park personnel introduction to Italy's national parks.’
    • ‘Much of what is left today is found in protected areas such as national parks.’
    • ‘The ideal place, most would agree, with the family would be a visit to wildlife sanctuaries, national parks or zoos.’
    • ‘Large areas have been declared national parks or used for state-assisted development schemes.’
    • ‘We made our way to one of the national parks in the area, Tat Ton and went to look at the waterfall.’
    • ‘All is now quiet on the Gallipoli peninsula and the memorial area is preserved as a national park.’
    • ‘We have also heard that if the area is made a national park, we will all be required to leave our hamlet and move elsewhere.’
    • ‘Nearly 40% of Botswana has been set aside for wildlife reserves and national parks.’
    • ‘Most birding hotspots in the State are in the periphery of wildlife sanctuaries and national parks.’
    • ‘In much of southern Africa elephants are protected in national parks.’
    • ‘Also subject to public control are the national parks and nature reserves.’
    • ‘Aesthetic and cultural sites are commonly associated with large-scale land-use areas such as national parks.’
    • ‘Soon after the election was safely won, the area under national parks swelled 50 per cent.’
    animal sanctuary, preserve, reservation, conservation area
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national park