Definition of national minority in English:

national minority


  • A minority group within a country felt to be distinct from the majority because of historical differences of language, religion, culture, etc.

    • ‘Despite this, the Québécois nation has welcomed and continues to welcome a high proportion of Canada's national minorities and immigrants.’
    • ‘Indeed, far from opposing liberal principles, public opinion polls show there are often no statistical differences between national minorities and majorities in their adherence to liberal principles.’
    • ‘Before the Russian Revolution, for example, Lenin argued for the defence of religious and national minorities, and students facing police repression.’
    • ‘Many of these contradictions were not resolved - indeed, the creation of new nation-states created new national minorities.’
    • ‘Citizenship, which differentiates the colonized from national minorities, allows minorities to change culturally and assimilate individually into the dominant culture.’
    • ‘One powerful obstacle to national integration was the existence of national minorities within states.’
    • ‘Lenin's policy was aimed at overcoming the animosities created by tsarist oppression and combatting the influence of bourgeois leaders among the national minorities.’
    • ‘In Turkey there were no minorities or national minorities… and there were no constitutional or legislative provisions allowing distinctions to be made between citizens.’
    • ‘Amongst these are those with a poor education, young women, those living in remote and rural areas, and members of ethnic and national minorities.’
    • ‘He is also chairman of the governing board of the Stockholm Peace Conference and OSCE high commissioner on national minorities.’
    • ‘Federalism is viewed as an institutional arrangement for the protection of ethnic or other national minorities.’
    • ‘Article 1 declares that the protection of national minorities and minority rights form an integral part of the international protection of human rights.’
    • ‘For the purposes of this article, we will focus on the two most common types of ethnic groups: immigrants and national minorities.’
    • ‘Both immigrant groups and national minorities are, in different ways, seeking legal recognition of their ethnocultural identities and practices.’
    • ‘To win this battle activists have to find concrete ways of linking the struggles of students, women and national minorities with those of workers.’
    • ‘His alternative was not the assimilation of Russia's national minorities into the ‘dominant culture’ of the Russian majority.’
    • ‘At the time of the Revolution, many of the languages of the national minorities lacked written forms.’
    • ‘This backing was motivated partly by the recognition that old and new rights shared hostility to feminism, socialism, and national minorities.’
    • ‘But there are many nations that have national minorities and they are democratic in the full sense of the word.’
    • ‘Instead of breaking the power of the clergy and the landowners and liberating the religious and national minorities, they relied on oppression and chauvinism.’