Definition of National Guard in English:

National Guard


  • 1(in the US) the primary reserve military force partly maintained by the states but also available for federal use.

    • ‘Several of my employees are in the reserves: the National Guard, the army, and the navy.’
    • ‘The National Guard and Army Reserve are critical.’
    • ‘The National Guard and Army Reserve were lagging behind recruiting goals by 6,000 and 700, respectively, in recent months.’
    • ‘He continued honing his skills during stints in the Navy, National Guard and then Army Reserve.’
    • ‘Of the battalions in the National Guard enhanced brigades, 15 of the 45 were also deployed.’
    • ‘The stock answer was that the National Guard and Army Reserve would fill the gap.’
    • ‘Army National Guard and U.S. Army Reserve citizen-soldiers are serving around the globe hand in hand with their active component counterparts.’
    • ‘Within the National Guard and Army Reserve, due attention must be given to the local origins of the lineages and honors being perpetuated.’
    • ‘Chapters are also dedicated to the mobilization and use of the National Guard and Army Reserve.’
    • ‘In the reserves and the National Guard the force is a bit older because most of us are army veterans in our late twenties and early thirties.’
    • ‘Even though the National Guard and Army Reserve see combat today, it rankles me that people assume it was some kind of waltz in the park back then.’
    • ‘It's also crucial to expose how the war has dangerously overextended the U.S. military, the National Guard and our military reserve units.’
    • ‘The National Guard and the Army Reserve also missed their recruiting target.’
    • ‘However, using National Guard and Army Reserve forces is in effect a way of expending them.’
    • ‘When it needs back up, the active-duty Army does have the National Guard and the Army Reserve to call on.’
    • ‘To meet this requirement, it appears that it will be necessary to rely upon a return of some U.S. Marine Corps units and additional Army Reserve and National Guard forces.’
    • ‘We're having trouble in recruiting, both in terms of the Army and the National Guard and the Reserve.’
    • ‘Not only are the half million active duty troops getting more training with live ammo, but the 600,000 National Guard and Reserve troops are also firing more real bullets.’
    • ‘The burden of employment has thus fallen more and more on the National Guard and Army Reserve military police.’
    • ‘He would call up the National Guard and Army Reserve.’
    1. 1.1 The primary military force of some other countries.
      • ‘Another half-brother, Prince Abdullah, Commander of the Saudi National Guard, was named Crown Prince and First Deputy Prime Minister.’
    2. 1.2 A member of the National Guard.
  • 2An armed force existing in France at various times between 1789 and 1871.

    • ‘During the 1870s the National Guard itself was dissolved.’
    • ‘Their power brought the National Guard to Butte as an occupation force to squelch union activism in 1914.’
    • ‘Tocqueville made no mistake: for him, the fighting that ensued between the workers of Paris and the National Guard and regulars was ‘a class struggle, a sort of servile war’.’
    • ‘The artist was himself a political animal, a member of the French National Guard, and agitator for the ideals of liberty and republicanism.’
    • ‘He sided with the Revolution in 1791 by joining the Corsican National Guard, and then with France in 1792, when he returned as a captain in the regular army.’
    • ‘Sweeping aside attempts by the National Guard to restrain them, thousands of women marched on Versailles to coerce the king.’
    • ‘The peace terms appalled the Parisians, especially members of the National Guard who had been at the heart of so much determined resistance.’
    • ‘After the King was returned to Paris, the Assembly reinforced the frontiers of France by calling for 100,000 volunteers from the National Guard.’
    • ‘When the Revolution began Gazan returned to Grasse and enlisted in the National Guard.’
    • ‘Fear of royal retaliation led to popular unrest, the storming of the BASTILLE, and the capturing of the king by the National Guard.’
    1. 2.1historical A member of the French National Guard.
      • ‘They were put down with the help of French National Guards, and a number of the Pope's adherents were killed.’
      • ‘Here the National Guards from all over France converged, under the eye of their general and the king himself, to renew their oaths and celebrate a year of achievements.’


National Guard