Definition of national grid in English:

national grid


  • 1The network of high-voltage power lines between major power stations.

    • ‘Shortly before 8.20 am yesterday, it is believed the pair were moving a metal street light when it touched an overhead power line linked to the national grid.’
    • ‘Cutting the hated council tax seems to work - and so does the idea of being paid for feeding electricity into the national grid.’
    • ‘National Grid revealed today that the power line was now carrying electricity to supply the national grid.’
    • ‘This will generate electricity which can be sold to the national grid and provide heat to a local boiler network.’
    • ‘In Germany, where there is a national programme to have 100,000 solar roofs by 2004, renewable energies such as solar are bought by the national grid at a premium equivalent to 35p/kWh.’
    • ‘A more regional, decentralized electricity system, linked by a national grid but producing most power locally, may actually be more rational, especially in an age of insecurity.’
    • ‘The existing power lines from the north of Scotland converge on the national grid switching station at Beauly, a key hub of the Scottish electricity supply.’
    • ‘You cannot run a national grid on wind turbines, it would be an economic catastrophe.’
    • ‘Islay has pioneered the use of small-scale wind turbines in homes and micro-grids, small-scale electrical networks that stand apart from the national grid.’
    • ‘High above his grazing flock, eight shiny new wind turbines are whirling away supplying electricity to the national grid.’
    • ‘Least you get your electricity from the national grid just like all the others, but then they have to buy electricity that comes fro renewable sources back from this company.’
    • ‘When Fawley power station is on-line it supplies 500 megawatts to the national grid - that's more or less enough power to keep Southampton alight.’
    • ‘Right now Lewis is connected to the national grid by a one-way powerline that enters the water at Ardmore bay on Skye.’
    • ‘That would add as much as 20,000 megawatts to the national grid, and would give consumers the choice of buying power from competing companies rather than just from the state.’
    • ‘The goal is to restore 6,000 megawatts to the national grid by June 1.’
    • ‘A spokesman for South West Trains said the delay was caused by a power surge on the national grid which crippled the points and signals on the main line near Woking.’
    • ‘These can provide a significant amount of energy direct to a house, supplementing existing power supplied by the national grid.’
    • ‘Last year, a report from the national grid found that Ireland's power stations are operating at 78% of their overall potential the lowest level in a decade.’
    • ‘There is also the estimated £500m cost of linking wind farms to the national grid and the cost of keeping power stations on standby in case wind farms fail to produce enough electricity.’
    • ‘The ministry says it has boosted the national grid nearly to 5,000 megawatts recently.’
  • 2The metric system of geographical coordinates used in maps of the British Isles.


national grid