Definition of naseberry in English:



  • another term for sapodilla or "sapodilla plum"
    • ‘This is reflected in the name ‘naseberry’ from the Spanish níspola and in the French nèfle d' Amérique.’
    • ‘A unique combination of apple, grape and naseberry fruit pulp infuse natural fruit acids into the skin.’
    • ‘Your tour starts with the fresh beverage of the day, which could be anything from a refreshing blend of pineapple and papaya to naseberry or mango.’
    • ‘Then a fruit blend including apples and naseberries equivalent to a 20% glycolic acid peel is applied.’
    • ‘Other fruits such as naseberries, June plums and etioti apples are refreshing on a warm day.’


Late 17th century: from Spanish and Portuguese néspera ‘medlar’ + berry.