Definition of nascence in English:



  • See nascent

    • ‘In their nascence, the findings underscore a dismal reality: conditions leading to riots 35 years ago loom over the same neighborhoods.’
    • ‘While it adequately covers the campaign from its nascence in the defeat of Poland through the final capitulation of the French, there are two areas that detract from the final product.’
    • ‘Developmental trajectories on these performance measures are unavailable in this sample at the early developmental ages when acquisition of these skills may be in their nascence.’
    • ‘Yet at the crucial point of its nascence, it was fortunate to initially receive the patronage of the mercantile class, and later, of a king who would provide vital support - Ashoka the Great.’
    • ‘In addition, as a relatively young and undeveloped tool for communication, the Internet's nascence is the very thing that makes it so appealing; its possibilities at this point remain endless.’