Definition of narrow squeak in English:

narrow squeak


  • An escape or victory that is narrowly achieved.

    ‘Hunt's championship was a narrow squeak, achieved in a car that was far from perfect’
    • ‘‘Well, old man,’ I said, ‘you've had a narrow squeak, but we've pulled you through.’’
    • ‘And after the narrow squeak of the tuition fees vote, he cannot confront his own party in quite the same way ever again.’
    • ‘In no order of priority: too many improbabilities, narrow squeaks and coincidences.’
    • ‘They have already had some narrow squeaks and some embarrassing defeats.’
    • ‘He was correct, but it was a narrow squeak.’
    • ‘I had some narrow squeaks and exciting experiences which help to make our little trip interesting.’
    • ‘At nineteen after a few narrow squeaks with motor bikes, I was well into car driving.’
    • ‘At last, after many narrow squeaks from shells and bullets, I reached him, and after some little delay received my instructions and returned.’
    • ‘The horse had apparently won the race by a narrow squeak…’
    • ‘What we did have was a fund of stories of catastrophes and narrow squeaks that encouraged us to temper our hopes for our day out with a great deal of caution.’
    • ‘There are also narrow squeaks for Premiership new boys Reading and Watford.’
    • ‘I recorded it on Tuesday, haven't yet had the chance to watch it, and have so far managed, despite a few narrow squeaks, to avoid hearing what exactly happened.’
    • ‘We've had some very narrow squeaks including five jackpot numbers and the bonus ball, in 2005, which took our winnings for that Series alone to over £250,000.’
    • ‘After three narrow squeaks escaping alive in bushwhack deals, he returned to New Mexico without announcing his sudden departure.’
    • ‘At the end of a campaign that included everything from singing the national anthem to physical combat, she was returned to Parliament by the narrow squeak of 211 votes.’