Definition of narrow money in English:

narrow money


mass nounEconomics
  • Money in forms that can be used as a medium of exchange, generally notes, coins, and certain balances held by banks.

    • ‘Importantly, there are critical structural developments that go unrecognized by traditional analysts that focus only on narrow money - M1 and M2.’
    • ‘Demand and other checkable deposits have actually declined about $20 billion, as narrow money / M1 has suffered a minor contraction over the past twelve months.’
    • ‘The monetarists are hopelessly hamstrung by their fixation on narrow money.’
    • ‘They included exports measured by value, manufacturing orders, average monthly working hours in the manufacturing sector, narrow money supply and stock prices.’
    • ‘Curiously, narrow money is up $31.5 billion over three weeks to a new all-time high.’