Definition of narrative verdict in English:

narrative verdict


  • (in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland) a verdict in an inquest that records the factual circumstances of a death, delivered instead of one of the standard short verdicts such as ‘accidental death’ or ‘unlawful killing’

    ‘delivering a narrative verdict, the coroner said it was impossible to tell if the alleged poor care directly caused Mr Smith's death’
    • ‘Without an unlawful killing verdict, many families hoped for forceful narrative verdicts.’
    • ‘In 2011, additional guidance was given to improve the classification of narrative verdicts at inquests in England and Wales.’
    • ‘A narrative verdict of death by choking was recorded.’
    • ‘The inquest jury delivered a narrative verdict into her death in which a number of contributory factors were listed.’
    • ‘Mr Rheinberg said because of the circumstances, he could not record a conventional verdict, and would have to opt for a narrative verdict.’
    • ‘"It is not accidental death and it is not a narrative verdict, it is an unlawful killing."’
    • ‘Coroners in England and Wales are now giving more narrative verdicts, making causes of death more difficult to identify.’
    • ‘Recording a narrative verdict, the Coroner stressed that he could not be certain exactly where Mr Lucas had fallen into the river.’
    • ‘We've voiced concerns regarding deaths of British citizens abroad, widening the scope of inquests along with narrative verdicts, allowing coroners and juries to comment upon the circumstances surrounding a death.’
    • ‘The jury returned a narrative verdict, which lists the facts of the case without ascribing blame.’