Definition of nariyal in English:



  • A coconut.

    ‘he handed us a sack of full of nariyals, papayas, and cashew fruit’
    • ‘There was this middle aged gentleman who was ordering a couple of nariyals for consumption right there, and a couple others to be taken back home.’
    • ‘Who cares how many nariyals I have broken in front of a ganesh temple… certainly not Ganesh… So I guess it is all just a ruse for me.’
    • ‘The menu also offers tandoori selections, curries, masalas, kormas, saags, vindaloos, bhunas, nariyals, and madrases, each with a choice of meats, as well as an extensive vegetarian menu.’
    • ‘You might have prayed for him, offered nariyals at the nearest temples, and if not anything else, watched the army take efforts to help this poor little soul out of the hole.’
    • ‘Offerings of coconuts (nariyals) is made to the Sea God.’


From Hindi nāriyal.