Definition of nardoo stone in English:

nardoo stone


  • Each of a pair of stones used by Aborigines for grinding nardoo spores into flour.

    ‘she had a nardoo stone and a fishing net’
    • ‘I saw that their feet resting heedlessly on the nardoo stone step were resting on the tribal treasures of black people.’
    • ‘The woman on the right has a nardoo stone, and beside her can be seen a kangaroo-skin water bag and fishing net.’
    • ‘We'd grind the nardoo seeds on the table, or better still on a nardoo stone.’
    • ‘Consisting of a large flat slab of stone, upon which a pebble is worked to and fro, this hand-milling implement has earned for itself the name of nardoo stone.’
    • ‘They went on to Langawirra, and the first thing found by one of the members was a nardoo stone.’
    • ‘The Aborigines concocted a medicament for his wounded fingers by pulverizing gum leaves on a nardoo stone and mixing the paste with beef fat.’
    • ‘On the right is a grooved axe made from nardoo stone and found near the river.’
    • ‘It was found along with a flat nardoo stone made of granite.’
    • ‘The palm of one hand with a nardoo stone is beating on and along the dorsum of the other in measured time, and slow.’
    • ‘There is no nardoo stone, or for that matter any nardoo, in use among these 'River People'.’