Definition of nardoo cake in English:

nardoo cake

(also nardoo bread)


  • A savoury cake or bread made by Aborigines using nardoo flour and water.

    ‘the Aborigines fed them with fish and lumps of nardoo cake’
    • ‘The baffled explorers, unable to move towards Adelaide, were learning to make nardoo bread.’
    • ‘The provisions failed, and, though the aborigines fed them with fish and nardoo cake, this was no diet for men already enfeebled.’
    • ‘Lumps of nardoo cake and handfuls of fish were forced on the destitute explorers till they could positively eat no more.’
    • ‘I got a nardoo cake from one of them and gave him in return a strip of my pocket handkerchief, which pleased him exceedingly.’
    • ‘We didn't like the idea of separating, but it seemed to be our only chance, so we made him some nardoo bread, left it beside him, and went away.’
    • ‘Having found their camp, they obtained as much nardoo cake and fish as they could eat.’
    • ‘The fish being disposed of, next came a supply of nardoo cake and water, until I was so full as to be unable to eat any more.’
    • ‘The bread was the very filling nardoo bread, for which the explorers were developing quite an appetite.’
    • ‘They had some difficulty in ascertaining the plant from which the nardoo bread was procured.’
    • ‘On display is a sample of nardoo cake, which is probably the oldest surviving piece of Aboriginal food.’