Definition of narcotic in English:



  • 1An addictive drug affecting mood or behaviour, especially an illegal one:

    ‘cultivation of a plant used to make a popular local narcotic’
    • ‘His government was notorious for human rights abuses, narcotics trafficking, and economic mismanagement.’
    • ‘The fact that Cannabis is a mild narcotic is circumstantial; the way it reaches people and who it reaches is the problem.’
    • ‘Money from the illegal narcotics trade plays a crucial role in the national economy and in keeping the regime solvent.’
    • ‘Most illicit narcotics seized at our borders are amphetamines and Ecstasy.’
    • ‘Buprenorphine is a daily oral medication that effectively blocks the action of heroin and other narcotics.’
    • ‘According to experts, profits from human trafficking now exceed those of the narcotics trade.’
    • ‘However, the synthetic narcotic is itself highly addictive.’
    • ‘The landlords were shown mock-up samples of narcotics ranging from cannabis and ecstasy to heroin and crack cocaine.’
    • ‘Narcotics are usually smuggled by single persons or group of people, that are not linked to one another.’
    • ‘He was then charged with using illegal narcotics and causing a disturbance.’
    • ‘The second industry that relies on moving around big cash payments is the international narcotics trade.’
    • ‘But the US and Peruvian governments believe farmers are being manipulated by narcotics traffickers.’
    • ‘Then she could relish in the fact that she's the world greatest undercover narcotics officer.’
    • ‘Alcoholism and narcotic addiction is rife throughout the country, as hope inevitably gives way to despair.’
    • ‘Federal law supersedes state law, and the government refuses to budge in classifying marijuana as a dangerous, illegal narcotic - and a gateway to harder drugs - with no medical value.’
    • ‘The international narcotics trafficking problem is an order of magnitude more important that international terrorism.’
    • ‘Opium and other narcotic addictions were rampant among the upper classes.’
    • ‘And they happily spent millions on promoting the idea that cannabis was an extremely dangerous, addictive narcotic, that would kill, or drive users insane.’
    • ‘Cooperation between the expanding network of narcotics traffickers and terrorism is now increasingly possible.’
    • ‘Their coca leaves contain only trace amounts of the illicit narcotic.’
    drugs, narcotics, addictive drugs, recreational drugs, illegal drugs
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    1. 1.1Medicine A drug which induces drowsiness, stupor, or insensibility, and relieves pain:
      ‘pethidine, usually given as an injection, is a narcotic which causes drowsiness’
      • ‘He bought prescription narcotics from them cheaply, which allowed him to avoid street heroin for years.’
      • ‘Safer choices include over-the-counter acetaminophen and prescribed narcotics such as codeine.’
      • ‘Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are preferable to narcotics for pain relief.’
      • ‘Who should not be prescribed narcotics for chronic pain?’
      • ‘Her addiction to prescription narcotics stemmed from chronic pain due to osteoporosis.’
      soporific drug, opiate, sleeping pill, soporific
      painkiller, pain reliever, analgesic, anodyne, palliative, anaesthetic
      tranquillizer, sedative
      sleeping draught
      stupefacient, stupefactive
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  • Relating to or denoting narcotics or their effects or use:

    ‘the substance has a mild narcotic effect’
    • ‘Morley cautions you not to use marjoram in early pregnancy or in high doses as it can have a narcotic effect.’
    • ‘They worry that repeated prescriptions for large doses of narcotic painkillers will attract unwanted attention from the government.’
    • ‘Another comprehensive program was offered by nurses in an emergency department setting to address problems with narcotic reconciliation, container tampering, and tracking issues.’
    • ‘This process begins almost immediately, and often results in sharp pain, which is generally eased with narcotic painkillers.’
    • ‘We solve this problem by getting rid of all or some of the nitrogen in the mix to reduce this narcotic effect.’
    • ‘Goals of therapy are to prevent abstinence syndrome, reduce narcotic cravings and block the euphoric effects of illicit opioid use.’
    • ‘Treatment with narcotic analgesics and pancreatic enzyme supplements had failed to control their symptoms.’
    • ‘All three patients reported a significant reduction in pain severity and frequency of painful episodes, and two of three patients reported a significant reduction in use of narcotic analgesics.’
    • ‘Tell your doctor if you have ever had any unusual or allergic reaction to tramadol or narcotic analgesics.’
    • ‘Because of its sedative nature and narcotic abilities, leaves were mixed with other herbs for the treatment of whooping and spasmodic coughs in children.’
    • ‘There was an increased accident risk in those with excessive sleepiness, and in those who used narcotic analgesics or antihistamines.’
    • ‘Likewise, those who seek and abuse drugs are difficult to identify, may have true underlying medical pathology, and should not be given narcotic prescriptions.’
    • ‘Sedating or narcotic medications were administered before more than 40% of the communication events in our study.’
    • ‘It is a seed that is wrapped in leaves and chewed for its mild narcotic effect.’
    • ‘It is a long-acting, narcotic painkiller that wards off acute withdrawal symptoms and reduces craving for heroin.’
    • ‘It is possible that some patients and their health care providers are not aware of the dangers and the recommendations regarding these potent narcotic medication products and their safe use.’
    • ‘It has a narcotic effect, not noticeable in the small quantities used by cooks; but consumption of a large amount could produce a ‘high’.’
    • ‘The smallest possible dose of a tranquilizer or narcotic medicine should be used.’
    • ‘However, a more likely issue is the legal implication for falling to monitor use and abuse of narcotic analgesics.’
    • ‘No significant differences were reported in the areas of sensation, distress, anxiety, or narcotic intake between the three intervention groups and the control group.’
    soporific, sleep-inducing, opiate, hypnotic
    painkilling, pain-relieving, analgesic, anodyne, anaesthetic, stupefying, numbing, dulling, tranquillizing, sedative, calming
    stupefacient, stuporific, stupefactive
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Late Middle English: from Old French narcotique, via medieval Latin from Greek narkōtikos, from narkoun make numb.