Definition of narco-terrorism in English:



mass noun
  • Terrorism associated with the trade in illegal drugs.

    • ‘These countries need help in addressing endemic problems such as economic instability, low per-capita income, illiberal democratic practices, and narcoterrorism.’
    • ‘"We are also becoming increasingly susceptible to newer forms of security threats such as cyber-attacks, narco-terrorism and terror-financing," he said.’
    • ‘Both countries are top cocaine producers with long histories of narcoterrorism and corruption.’
    • ‘This war against narco-terrorism can and will be won.’
    • ‘He has been indicted by US courts for drug trafficking and narco-terrorism.’
    • ‘If the country is concerned about the stability of a government struggling with narco-terrorism, it should refrain from insisting on crop eradication until belligerents are defeated.’
    • ‘‘What we do - as far as the global war on terrorism - is counter narco-terrorism,’ he said.’