Definition of narcissistically in English:



  • See narcissistic

    • ‘I'm all for open and candid discussion but I feel there is something desperately narcissistically attention-seeking in wanting to tell everybody so many details.’
    • ‘I'm narcissistically fascinated by her mannerisms.’
    • ‘After achieving fame through great struggle, an artist soon narcissistically focuses on his own success story, assuming the status of some sort of pop prophet.’
    • ‘My mind has been focused, narcissistically, on myself and how bad I feel or how uncomfortable or how cold or how tired or how hungry or how bored or how upset.’
    • ‘A Falcone-based reading would see Caravaggio narcissistically engaged in his own reflection and hence negligent of the skull's reminder of death.’
    • ‘I'm narcissistically referencing my own comment to a previous post; read the ensuing discussion.’