Definition of napery in English:



mass noun
  • Household linen, especially tablecloths and napkins.

    • ‘The chairs don't make me squirm, the napery and drapery are the only aspects that sparkle or dazzle and the lighting obscures the scars of my years of debauchery.’
    • ‘I learned that in France, the oyster has retained its place as a pleasure of the poor, rather than a delicacy to be savoured amid starched napery.’
    • ‘The first clue is the decor: salmon pink walls, beautifully laundered pink napery, enough pink-patterned curtain to wrap a battleship.’
    • ‘The napery is heavy linen, and the cutlery handcrafted.’
    • ‘The furniture, napery, cutlery and glassware are also all of a very high standard and you know as soon as you are seated that this restaurant is promising something special.’
    • ‘The napery is of high quality and the cutlery is bespoke stainless steel.’
    • ‘The tables were covered with heavy linen tablecloths, and the napery and cutlery were of reasonable quality.’
    • ‘It doesn't quite go either with the napery or your best silver cutlery.’
    • ‘I should also mention that all meals came with heavy starched napery and good quality cutlery.’
    • ‘They hadn't set the table with a linen cupboard of napery and a canteen of silver.’


Middle English: from Old French naperie, from nape ‘tablecloth’.