Definition of nanotechnology in English:



mass noun
  • The branch of technology that deals with dimensions and tolerances of less than 100 nanometres, especially the manipulation of individual atoms and molecules.

    • ‘Issues of complexity, evolution, nanotechnology and robotics sit in the very center of this debate.’
    • ‘There is talk of cooperation in nanotechnology and solar energy as well.’
    • ‘The team from the physics department are experts in nanotechnology, which involves engineering on a microscopic scale.’
    • ‘For example, nanotechnology may facilitate the development of Von Neumann probes.’
    • ‘How can you see nanotechnology or even macro technology on the way to Mars generating the sorts of energy that you need?’
    • ‘Governments and the military have no exclusive access to genetics, robotics or nanotechnology.’
    • ‘The former group thinks of nanotechnology as essentially a new branch of materials science.’
    • ‘This latest fretting has been prompted by a branch of science called nanotechnology.’
    • ‘Nearly all the laws dealt with promoting nanotechnology in those states.’
    • ‘It would be irresponsible if this outcome was to be repeated with nanotechnology.’
    • ‘Whilst we are a long way away from turning lead into gold, science at the atomic level, or nanotechnology, is with us already.’
    • ‘Students presented papers on nanotechnology and super conductors.’
    • ‘They were describing an area of advanced nanotechnology called molecular manufacturing.’
    • ‘The reason for this disparity is that most definitions of nanotechnology are impossibly broad.’
    • ‘With nanotechnology engineers manipulate atomic sized particles to create tiny machines.’
    • ‘What is nanotechnology and why is it such a buzz in the computer industry?’
    • ‘An eclectic band of researchers is mapping out a new frontier of science known as nanotechnology.’
    • ‘Eventually, nanotechnology and semiconductor device technology will converge.’
    • ‘The center's research is aimed at the interface of nanotechnology and biology at the molecular level.’
    • ‘I don't write about just politics or just war or just nanotechnology or music or science.’