Definition of nanosphere in English:



  • A sphere of material with a diameter of only a few nanometres.

    ‘the silicon vapour condenses to form silicon nanospheres, which collect together in long strings’
    • ‘It is shown that Mie's solution to Maxwell's equations no longer holds for the analysis of resonance of a plasmonic metal nanosphere.’
    • ‘The scientists conducted their research by trapping a glass nanosphere in a laser beam and suspending it in air.’
    • ‘The researchers also showed that it is possible to control the ratio of movement in the two directions by changing the diameter of the nanosphere.’
    • ‘"Scientists thought they could use C60, a hollow carbon nanosphere, measuring one nanometre in diameter," explains another author of the study.’
    • ‘Our analysis shows that all interesting physics here takes place in a small area around the nanosphere where the near field and the atom-nanosphere coupling essentially affect the radiative properties of the atom.’
    • ‘The nanospheres are transparent, but bend and scatter the light that passes through them in predictable ways according to the angle that the light takes when it hits the nanosphere.’
    • ‘The polystyrene nanosphere with a silica coating heated to 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit).’
    • ‘The tumour cells, which are characteristically slightly acidic, caused the nanosphere to "deform" and release the drugs at the exact site of the cancer cells.’
    • ‘In these experiments, each nanosphere in the sample acts as an independent, freely oscillating sphere.’