Definition of nanoscience in English:



mass noun
  • The study of objects, phenomena, etc., on the nanometre scale.

    ‘in nanoscience, experimental and theoretical research advance side by side’
    ‘part of the magic of nanoscience is that on the scale of a billionth of a metre, matter and materials behave in ways that are not yet known’
    • ‘The emerging fields of nanoscience and nanoengineering are leading to an unprecedented understanding of and control over the fundamental building blocks of all physical things.’
    • ‘The fund targets areas such as genomics, biotechnology, nanotechnology and nanoscience and is open to all public and private entities.’
    • ‘The future of miniaturized electronics may lie in methods that combine chemistry with nanoscience, say the scientists.’
    • ‘In nanoscience objects are measured in nanometres, 1 billionth of a metre.’
    • ‘We have witnessed the sequencing of the human genome, the development of new tools for mapping neuronal connections, the increasing resolution of imaging technologies, and the explosion of nanoscience.’
    • ‘Their results are published online by Small, a new journal dedicated to breakthroughs in nanoscience and engineering.’
    • ‘In a sense, he noted, silicon chips have become nanotechnology, since they include features smaller than 100 nanometers, a popular measure for what constitutes nanoscience.’
    • ‘"Our research is leading to new insights in the field of soft-matter physics and nanoscience," Mueller told Reactive Reports.’
    • ‘Without nanoscience, there would be no nanotechnology.’
    • ‘Nanoscience provides not only new approaches to basic questions about the interaction of hydrogen with materials, but also the power to synthesize materials with custom-designed architectures.’