Definition of nanoscale in English:



  • On a scale of 10⁻⁹ metre; having or involving dimensions of less than 100 nanometres.

    ‘the use of viruses as nanoscale building tools’
    • ‘In theory, the scattering angles lead to nanoscale still pictures, while the energy loss data tell researchers how the pictures change with time.’
    • ‘The film will contain nanoscale pieces of semiconductor material and single-walled carbon nanotubes to maximize energy conversion.’
    • ‘Additionally, unlike many nanoscale experiments in field emission, the device does not need to be cryogenically cooled.’
    • ‘Porous crystals called zeolites filled with metal atoms may someday provide useful nanoscale devices.’
    • ‘On the nanoscale, there's ‘folds’ in between subatomic particles that can be expanded into wormholes.’
    • ‘These emerging and incisive experimental and theoretical tools make the field of nanoscale electrocatalysis ripe for rapid and comprehensive growth.’
    • ‘Based on the principles of molecular recognition and self assembly biological molecules can be used to arrange nanoscale building blocks.’
    • ‘They are learning how to write nanoscale features of semi-conductors on these chip surfaces.’
    • ‘She aims to make a new type of solar cell by layering arrays of nanoscale semiconductor particles, called quantum dots, with polyelectrolytes.’
    • ‘If engineers want to build nanoscale machines with moving parts that can generate and respond to electronic signals, those parts have got to be lightning fast.’
    • ‘They pressed and heated this superfine powder to form pellets with a crystalline grain structure at the nanoscale.’
    • ‘A tough material composed of nanoscale spheres might be just the thing for aerospace and other hi-tech industries.’
    • ‘Researchers have created a nanoscale ion pump by punching a tiny hole in a plastic sheet and applying an oscillating electric field.’
    • ‘However, a much more compelling reason to study the small-ion selectivity of a large channel is to test our understanding of electrostatics at the nanoscale.’
    • ‘Their ‘toolbox’ now includes nanoscale lasers and photodetectors, in addition to the nanoribbon waveguides.’
    • ‘Both teams of researchers found a way to make grow branches from nanoscale semiconductor wires.’
    • ‘The complex shear modulus, measured in response to nanoscale oscillatory perturbations, exhibited soft-glassy rheology.’
    • ‘The wavelengths of light in the visible part of the spectrum greatly exceed nanoscale dimensions.’
    • ‘Polyamidoamine dendritic polymers offer an ideal platform of nanoscale dimensions that doctors could use to deliver drugs and biosensors to tumors.’
    • ‘Because nanoscale superconductors don't repel magnetic fields, they could prove useful in a variety of superconducting applications.’