Definition of nanorobot in English:



  • another term for nanobot
    • ‘Atoms with a mind of their own have conjured up some scary images in science fiction, of nanorobots going out of control.’
    • ‘His previous pronouncement on this subject last year led to banner headlines about the impending doom threatened by self-replicating nanorobots transforming the planet into ‘grey goo‘.’
    • ‘He is the author of a book by the same name and the inventor of a number of brilliant conceptual designs for medical nanorobots.’
    • ‘Could we make, by accident or malevolent design, a plague of self-replicating nanorobots that spreads across the biosphere, consuming its resources and rendering life, including ourselves, extinct?’
    • ‘The second volume of Nanomedicine, due out this year, will examine ‘biocompatibility ‘- how nanorobots might interact with the body, especially the immune system.’’
    • ‘One long term vision is the construction of nanorobots, which can perform work and other useful tasks in the nano-domain.’