Definition of nanoplankton in English:



mass nounBiology
  • Very small unicellular plankton, at the limits of resolution of light microscopy.

    • ‘Calcareous nannoplankton is proven to react significantly to changes in environmental conditions, such as surface water temperature, nutrient availability and/or salinity.’
    • ‘Various other occurrences of calcareous nannoplankton, dinocysts and mammals help to correlate relevant units in the three NW European basins.’
    • ‘Calcareous nannoplankton, although stimulated toward diversification, was obviously less efficient in calcification.’
    • ‘The succession was sampled for biostratigraphic analysis using foraminifera and nannoplankton.’
    • ‘They represent all abundant phyla in the collections, except calcareous nannoplankton.’
    • ‘There is arguably evidence for the occurrence of calcareous nannoplankton in the Mochras core.’


Early 20th century: from German, from Greek nanos ‘dwarf’ + plankton.