Definition of nameless in English:



  • 1Having no name or no known name.

    ‘some pictures were taken by a nameless photographer’
    ‘the clinic was situated in a little nameless square off James Street’
    • ‘You start a religion by linking to obscure and nameless people.’
    • ‘He was nobody, a nameless man; nobody could pronounce his name in this country, and they had called him by the color of blood in lieu of his identity.’
    • ‘The costume also reflects how those who commit horrific acts of destruction are nameless, faceless people.’
    • ‘I was about the age of the narrator of Lithium, who is mostly nameless in the book (except for an instant when she appropriates the name of her grandmother, Rose).’
    • ‘The kestrel, a female aged about two, is deliberately nameless so that it does not get tame.’
    • ‘To be granted a name is to be seen as a person with an identity; in contrast, being nameless is being not fully human.’
    • ‘As for the dolls that didn't come with names, well, some remain nameless to this day.’
    • ‘They're all nameless, faceless, jobless, unidentified people.’
    • ‘She delivered the key sentence: ‘It's for every nameless, faceless woman of colour, who now has a chance because this door tonight has been opened.’’
    • ‘We identified the man as some nameless street scavenger who had a few run-ins with local law enforcement.’
    • ‘He died unidentified and unmourned - a nameless individual lost to oblivion.’
    • ‘His name is a lie, and with this lie the reality of his world vanishes… Reality has become a confusion of thingless names and nameless things for him.’
    • ‘Before her nameless companion could reveal his name, they were once again interrupted.’
    • ‘In the dream I had Friday night, I stopped short when I spotted her just as she stepped up to some sort of customer service window in some nameless, faceless department store.’
    • ‘Desperate for a title, a mutual friend suggested the name to an unenthusiastic nameless band.’
    • ‘Players are cast as nameless, faceless drivers looking to establish a name in the underground realm of street racing.’
    • ‘In the early 19th century, the Brandberg served as a nameless landmark for vessels plying the Namibian coast, the name Dourissa only made appearance on maps in 1878.’
    • ‘To be a member of the working poor is to be an anonymous donor, a nameless benefactor to everyone else.’
    • ‘These range from lack of attention and service at a local level to having to deal with nameless people in these large corporations.’
    • ‘But we have not even put their names in the programme because we are representing nameless men.’
    • ‘Surely the Swiss theologian Emil Brunner was right when he said that the truly mysterious God is not the nameless One, but the One who has a name and makes it known.’
    • ‘All I know now is that my name is Assassin, my parents are nameless, and so is their killer.’
    • ‘How can this unknown and nameless hero have defeated these legendary warriors?’
    unknown, unfamiliar, new, little known, undiscovered, obscure, unsung, unheralded, groundbreaking
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    1. 1.1 Deliberately not identified; anonymous.
      ‘the director of an organization which shall remain nameless’
      • ‘I very much appreciate the support and friendship of the landowners of 3rd Unnamed Cave, who must remain nameless.’
      • ‘One particular wine that comes to mind, which shall remain nameless (for the sake of ambiguity, I will refer to it as Mr. Yellow), has become an overnight sales sensation.’
      • ‘‘I was surprised to see that at least two of the forms were addressed to people who moved out from here nearly three years ago,’ the voter, who wishes to remain nameless, revealed.’
      • ‘Until recently, its investigators have been mostly nameless, the millions of words issuing from its government-issue red-brick offices mostly anonymous.’
      • ‘Their purported source, a senior U.S. government official, who for some unknown reason wants to remain nameless, is not sure whether his story is true.’
      • ‘Another patient, who wished to remain nameless, fears for his future after the unit closes its doors.’
      • ‘‘I recommend the diet for anyone who is serious about weight loss,’ gushes a Hollywood stuntwoman who asked to remain nameless.’
      • ‘Despite being in his late 50's, my sibling (who will remain nameless in case some one dobs him in) has never voted for any kind of Government, local, state or federal.’
      • ‘That I am condemned to live and die in nameless obscurity?’
      • ‘Henry and I are hoping to chair a roundtable on blogging; some heavy-hitters in the blogosphere who shall remain nameless for the moment have already committed.’
      • ‘Speaking of wetting myself, I then opened up my email to discover this from a friend who shall remain nameless.’
      • ‘On Friday, a certain somebody, who shall remain nameless, borrowed my digital camera and took a picture which, in polite circles, would be described as ‘scandalous’.’
      • ‘So much so, in fact, that one of my teachers, who shall remain nameless to protect her identity, pulled me aside after class and told me she's having a dinner party on Saturday.’
      unnamed, unidentified, anonymous, incognito, unspecified, unacknowledged, uncredited
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    2. 1.2archaic (of a child) illegitimate.
      ‘his grandfather had been a nameless, parentless child’
      • ‘The memories are rosy at first, if a bit disconnected and tangential, and each tale includes memories told to the nameless child by his foster father, Mr Finney.’
      born out of wedlock, born of unmarried parents
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  • 2(especially of an emotion) not easy to describe; indefinable.

    ‘a nameless yearning for transcendence’
    • ‘None the less, I do not feel any of the expected ‘closure,’ and in fact I'm becoming increasingly depressed and am obsessed with nameless fears.’
    • ‘After all, routine itself is a way of kind of keeping certain things at bay, it's a refuge from nameless fears, and interestingly, Auden understood that well and saw it in September 1939.’
    • ‘I have stood there, waiting for them, and they never arrive, which supports both my theory and my nameless fear.’
    • ‘A nameless feeling surges when I see other people's families come.’
    • ‘In the middle of the night she woke, chilled, full of nameless apprehension.’
    • ‘It was some nameless sorrow, sharp and painful.’
    • ‘In 1984, when I was taking care of the riot victims, I saw the same nameless fear and helpless misery.’
    • ‘As I take your order I am filled with a nameless rage that consumes my every thought.’
    • ‘His nameless sorrows ensure that he stands aloof, his distance from the other characters endowing him with a wisdom absent in the quarrelsome officers and journalists.’
    • ‘And then it blossomed in me… a nameless feeling so invigorating that one could not possibly wish for it to end.’
    • ‘‘That is untrue,’ Niles shot back, though a terrible, nameless fear gripped his heart.’
    • ‘Hw slowly becomes conscious of a nameless fear.’
    • ‘They consider the monsoon a season of separation from the loved one, of nostalgia and nameless longing.’
    • ‘Obeying a nameless impulse to look up, I detected the hair-thin outline of a square trapdoor in the high ceiling.’
    • ‘Their eyes never broke away from their gaze, each mirroring those nameless emotions coursing through them.’
    • ‘Everyone felt a nameless fear, mingled with shame.’
    • ‘I have found ways to minimize the damage and disruption that my periods of gloom and nameless grief can cause.’
    • ‘It's a sort of nameless anguish, or dread, at the open possibilities of the future.’
    • ‘I couldn't explain the momentary stillness inside of me, or the rush of nameless emotions that followed.’
    • ‘Her bending body evoked wordless memories of love and life, her supple arms gave meaning to nameless emotions, and her springing legs bore testament to perfection.’
    unspeakable, unutterable, inexpressible, unmentionable, indescribable, abominable, horrible, dreadful, appalling, shocking, awful, terrible, frightful
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    1. 2.1 Too horrific to be described.
      ‘the myths talk about nameless horrors infesting our universe’
      • ‘It was hard to remember what happened when she woke up, but she remembered waking up more than once with a nameless terror on the fringes of her consciousness.’
      • ‘But in the next instant, the hair rises glacially on the back of his neck, his spine is seized with iron, his eyes open on emptiness, a nameless terror.’
      • ‘Everything had a cult dedicated to it, from ancient mummies to nameless elder horrors.’
      • ‘Some nameless horror from the primordial depths.’