Definition of myxomycete in English:



  • A slime mould, especially an acellular one whose vegetative stage is a multinucleate plasmodium.

    Division Myxomycota, kingdom Fungi, in particular the class Myxomycetes; also treated as protozoan (phylum Gymnomyxa, kingdom Protista)

    • ‘A survey of myxomycetes was conducted at three sites within Cedars of Lebanon State Park, Wilson County, Tennessee from May 1 to September 30, 1993.’
    • ‘These observations corroborate results of the cognate introns in the myxomycetes Didymium and Physarum, where no in vitro splicing products were detected.’
    • ‘To our knowledge, this tiny myxomycete is known only from moist chamber cultures of living tree and vine bark such as elms, grapevines, maples, oaks, red bud, red cedar, and yellow poplar.’
    • ‘Fortunately, mycologists quickly dismissed any Extraterrestrial Biological Entity hypothesis and identified the blobs as part of a slime mold or myxomycete.’
    • ‘This was the most common and abundant corticolous myxomycete in the park.’


Late 19th century: from modern Latin Myxomycetes, from myxo- ‘slime’ + Greek mukētes ‘fungi’.