Definition of mythopoeic in English:



  • See mythopoeia

    • ‘In the period before political independence, Francophone prose was typically elevated, extravagant, mythopoeic, and laced with surreal fantasy or utopian symbolism.’
    • ‘These psychogenetic affinities and ambiguities between carnal desires, cannibalism, death, and rebirth form the core symbolism of the mythopoeic imagery.’
    • ‘This, of course, signifies a mythopoeic world view - myth-making - as well as the beginning of religion.’
    • ‘Just because she offers a mythopoeic rationale for her view doesn't make it less sexist or phobic.’
    • ‘The approach is primarily mythopoeic, recognising that spiritual truths are better understood by means of allusion and symbol rather than through doctrine.’