Definition of myotome in English:



  • 1The dorsal part of each somite in a vertebrate embryo, giving rise to the skeletal musculature.

    Compare with dermatome, sclerotome
    • ‘Each somite pair corresponds to a myotome in vertebrates or to an adult segment in annelids and arthropods.’
    • ‘Third, the partitioning of different fiber types within the myotome allows homogenous samples of each fiber type to be easily removed and tested in vitro.’
    • ‘These tissues are composites of lateral plate derived connective tissues and the migratory population of the myotome.’
    1. 1.1 Each of the muscle blocks along either side of the spine in vertebrates (especially fish and amphibians).
      Also called myomere
      • ‘All these muscles belong to the fifth cervical to first thoracic myotomes.’
      • ‘In addition, the entire muscle is rarely active simultaneously, and positive work is done in some portions of the myotome and negative work in others.’
      • ‘The anatomy of ray-finned fish shows many of the characteristics common to all chordates: pharyngeal slits, a nerve cord, and body wall muscles arranged in myotomes, or segmented blocks.’
      • ‘In vertebrates finally, the organization of muscles into myotomes for swimming has long been considered of crucial adaptative importance.’
      • ‘The muscles of the body are segmented into blocks called myotomes.’