Definition of myometrium in English:



mass nounAnatomy
  • The smooth muscle tissue of the uterus.

    • ‘Contraction may be sustained, as in the smooth muscle cells present in the blood vessels or airways, or rhythmic, as in the cells of the myometrium and gastrointestinal tract.’
    • ‘Both types of molar pregnancies can become invasive and involve the adjacent myometrium and/or the blood vessels.’
    • ‘The myometrium is a thick coat containing smooth muscle and abundant connective tissues.’
    • ‘Lesions have been found restricted to the serosa, myometrium, endometrium, and combinations thereof, as well as transmural.’
    • ‘A prominent smooth muscle component, reminiscent of uterine wall myometrium, accounted for most of the cyst wall.’


Early 20th century: modern Latin, from myo- ‘muscle’ + Greek mētra ‘womb’.