Definition of mycobacterium in English:



  • A bacterium of a group which includes the causative agents of leprosy and tuberculosis.

    Genus Mycobacterium and family Mycobacteriaceae; Gram-positive aerobic acid-fast bacteria

    • ‘This technique can type other bacteria, mycobacteria, and yeast as well.’
    • ‘Alcohol long has been recognized and documented as a broad-spectrum effective antiseptic that kills bacteria, mycobacteria, fungi, and some viruses.’
    • ‘The specimens were examined microscopically and cultured for bacteria, mycobacteria, and fungi.’
    • ‘High-level disinfection results in the removal of all vegetative bacteria; mycobacteria; viruses; fungal spores; and some, but not all, bacterial spores.’
    • ‘The theory is that dirt contains bacteria, especially mycobacteria, which stimulate one part of the immune system, whereas routine vaccinations stimulate a different part.’