Definition of Mycenaean in English:


(also Mycenean)


  • Relating to or denoting a late Bronze Age civilization in Greece represented by finds at Mycenae and other ancient cities of the Peloponnese.

    • ‘In contrast, Mycenaean feasting on the Greek mainland seems to have arisen from elite customs aimed at exclusion.’
    • ‘It was during this period that Minoan civilization of Crete and the Mycenean civilization of mainland Greece flourished.’
    • ‘The study of feasting on the Greek mainland during the Middle and Late Bronze Age provides insights into the nature of Mycenaean society.’
    • ‘The occurrence of precious metal vessels suited to drinking appears to confirm that Mycenaean convivial habits favored exclusion rather than cohesion.’
    • ‘In contrast to practices associated with Minoan feasts, service and distribution in Mycenaean feasts had a completely different status.’


  • An inhabitant of Mycenae or member of the Mycenaean people.

    • ‘In her analysis we are confronted with the longstanding problem of whether we can use the epics to understand the Mycenaeans, and if so, how.’
    • ‘The Mycenaeans created the finest bronze weapons.’
    • ‘Feasting scenes appear in the frescoes of Crete and the islands, and the Mycenaeans adapt this tradition for representation in their palaces.’
    • ‘Whoever they were, the earliest inhabitants of mainland Greece (called Mycenaeans after excavations found at Mycenae) developed an advanced culture.’
    • ‘Other sources, of course, could have influenced the Mycenaeans, not least Egyptian painting, as has frequently been pointed out.’