Definition of myall in English:



  • 1An Australian acacia tree with silvery foliage sometimes used as fodder.

    Genus Acacia, family Leguminosae: several species, in particular A. pendula, which has violet-scented timber

  • 2Australian An Aborigine living in a traditional way.

    • ‘The luluing of the famished myall mingled with the howl of the hunting dingo.’
    • ‘Telfer's accounts of this and other pitched battles with ‘myalls’ might be dismissed by the sceptic as unsupported hearsay.’
    • ‘I was told that they shot down myalls up and down the Lander River for many miles.’


Mid 19th century (in myall (sense 1)): sense 2 from Dharuk myal, miyal ‘person from another tribe’; sense 1 is perhaps an unexplained transferred use of sense 2.