Definition of my honourable friend in English:

my honourable friend


  • Used to address or refer to another member of one's own party in the House of Commons.

    • ‘Although I completely disagree with my honourable friend, the question was about whether something is illegal.’
    • ‘I turn to my honourable friend behind me, whom I was quite rude to, and I am not normally rude.’
    • ‘As my honourable friend has said, that is why the title of this bill needs to be changed.’
    • ‘I thought my honourable friend might have said with equal force that it was not conscript soldiers who had fought the long weary war in South Africa so steadily and unflinchingly.’
    • ‘Commons leader Peter Hain replied: ‘Clearly, my honourable friend has drawn a worrying episode to the House's attention.’’
    • ‘But he instead said: ‘If my honourable friend was referring, as I think he was, to the prospect of the UK becoming involved in missile defence, I am sure he knows my answer better than I do.’’
    • ‘I shall support my honorable friend now, and if he succeeds in this amendment, then I shall support him if he moves to leave out the latter part of the clause.’
    • ‘Still, as my honorable friend said, the states would have power to arm them.’
    • ‘Desperate to put his wayward backbencher right he asked, in the usual polite Commons tradition, ‘Will my honourable friend give way?’’
    • ‘I know that my honourable friend from the United Future party does not need my assistance on this issue, but I am having difficulty in hearing the member's contribution.’