Definition of mutualistically in English:



  • See mutualism

    • ‘Have a great productive life plan; think outside of the box; do something great for Earth's environment; dwell bioethically and mutualistically within human diversity and in the rest of biodiversity.’
    • ‘They acquired it very anciently by taking in a respiring bacterium as an endosymbiont (an organism living mutualistically within another organism).’
    • ‘Like mycorrhizae, endophytic fungi are thought to interact mutualistically with their host plants mainly by increasing host resistance to herbivores and have been termed ‘acquired plant defenses’.’
    • ‘The majority of viruses, however, live symbiotically or mutualistically with their hosts, causing no harm.’
    • ‘These ‘epiparasites’ are only indirectly connected to surrounding trees, which are the ultimate source of their carbon; their proximal hosts are fungi that are mutualistically associated with the trees.’