Definition of muttonbirding in English:



mass nounNZ, Australian
  • The activity of catching mutton birds for food or sale.

    ‘commercial muttonbirding persists today because of financial need’
    • ‘In the South Island there are arrangements for a particular customary right on the Crown's Titi Islands, the mutton birding islands, that is a long established customary right.’
    • ‘The insider story on muttonbirding, film footage of 1950s–70s rural Southland life, a potentially knee-deep walk retracing the footsteps of pioneers, and a celebration of boot-making feature among the activities for the first Southland Heritage Month’
    • ‘Maori on the muttonbirding islands used to drape the cool tuatara on their stomachs to help them cool down.’
    • ‘This was a reference to the importance of mutton-birding to their traditional way of life, especially on the islands off the Tasmanian coast.’
    • ‘Meat was supplemented at mutton-birding time and goats were kept by some families in addition to their quota of sheep and cattle.’
    • ‘The school year on Flinders Island was scheduled around the muttonbirding season so that the children could go with their families to the offshore birding islands.’
    • ‘Changes in the process of muttonbirding reflect those in muttonbirders themselves.’
    • ‘Eight people drowned when the Easy Rider was hit by a rogue wave and sank during a muttonbirding trip to the Titi Islands.’
    • ‘Beware if you're mutton birding—but of course, you have to have a permit to do that.’
    • ‘Pitt Island is large enough to be farmed and there are a number of small islands, some of which are mutton birding islands, and some home to endangered bird species.’