Definition of mutton dressed as lamb in English:

mutton dressed as lamb


derogatory, informal
  • A middle-aged or old woman dressed in a style suitable for a much younger woman.

    • ‘Her clothes are not mutton dressed as lamb - it is just her hair.’
    • ‘Dress your age, the article exhorted, and while the writer went on to say there were no longer any rules, the models were brooding over issues such as when a perky little miniskirt became mutton dressed as lamb.’
    • ‘The people were frightening, mutton dressed as lamb springs to mind, the people watching will certainly keep you entertained.’
    • ‘There we are walking a tight rope between looking presentable and up to date and at the same time trying desperately to avoid the ultimate horror of looking like mutton dressed as lamb.’
    • ‘He said: ‘You get to an age when you look like mutton dressed as lamb.’’
    • ‘‘She's far too old for that - she looks like mutton dressed as lamb,’ said one of my friends.’
    • ‘I suppose I should be grateful they did not say I was mutton dressed as lamb!’
    • ‘When you get married a second time you worry about being mutton dressed as lamb and a good way round that is to cover your arms, which she did.’
    • ‘Simply put, it was a case of mutton dressed as lamb.’