Definition of muster station in English:

muster station


  • An area of a ship where passengers are directed to assemble in an emergency.

    ‘everybody was told to go to the muster stations and given life jackets’
    • ‘He described the six-hour ordeal from when he arrived at the muster station to when he finally managed to board a life-raft.’
    • ‘As the ship began listing, passengers were called to the muster station.’
    • ‘She was found wearing a life jacket on the fourth desk, close to a muster station.’
    • ‘Now people are instructed to go to the muster station in an emergency, and if necessary life jackets will be issued there.’
    • ‘He made his way to a muster station on Deck 3.’
    • ‘Everybody was evacuated and told to go to the muster stations and given life jackets.’
    • ‘We went to the muster station and waited.’
    • ‘I couldn't remember which muster station to go to.’
    • ‘There was a general emergency alarm, which means you have to go to muster stations.’
    • ‘All passengers and crew members not engaged in the management of the emergency were assembled at muster stations with the relevant safety equipment.’