Definition of musselcracker in English:



South African
  • A large sea bream with powerful jaws, feeding on shellfish and crustaceans and popular with anglers.

    Lithognathus and other genera, family Sparidae: several species

    • ‘Species such as the seventyfour, red steenbras and musselcracker have been so severely depleted that they represent no more than 5% of their original abundance in linefish catches.’
    • ‘Our line fishery is in crisis and one of the critically endangered fish is white musselcracker.’
    • ‘Species listed on the Red List, including well-known species such as galjoen, white steenbras and white musselcracker, are illegal to buy or sell in South Africa.’
    • ‘On the same snorkel we came across large shoals of galjoen, a couple of musselcrackers as well as a wide variety of other reef fish.’
    • ‘The black musselcracker is a large, solitary species, and individuals are found on both shallow and deep rocky reefs.’