Definition of musquash in English:



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    another term for muskrat
    • ‘There are a lot of musquashes.’
    • ‘In addition, musquashes and mink burrowed into the banks and undermined them.’
    • ‘That's why the best words in scrabble are ones like quartzy, musquashes or zyxomma.’
    • ‘Beavers, procyons, musquashes, foxes and otters dwell in the reeds, while boars and 30 other species of mammals live on dry land.’
    • ‘Animal life is quite varied, consisting of diverse mammals: the wild northern reindeer; furbearing animals such as Arctic foxes, red foxes, rabbit, stoats, musquashes, and so forth; ptarmigan; and waterfowl.’
    1. 1.1British mass noun The fur of the muskrat.
      • ‘You may remember the character Linda being given her first longed-for fur coat made with musquash - good, but not quite as good as owning one made of mink or sable.’
      • ‘The new robes will be a replica of the originals, but with fake fur instead of musquash.’


Early 17th century: from Western Abnaki mòskwas.