Definition of muso in English:


nounPlural musos

  • 1A musician, especially one over-concerned with technique.

    ‘mixing genres allows the muso to show off’
    • ‘It's all there, plus the maturity, vision and lyricism that you would expect from a bunch of serious musos, for whom this is their second album.’
    • ‘For four years she spent her days with the orchestra and her nights playing in clubs, doing recording sessions and working as a session muso.’
    • ‘Ridiculed by musos for not being a ‘serious’ instrument, the concertina is nonetheless a perfect street companion: portable, polyphonic and loud enough to be heard above the urban din.’
    • ‘As part of the concept guest musos and instrumentalists are always welcome.’
    • ‘It also supports school bands and gives young musicians the chance to perform with more experienced musos.’
    1. 1.1 A keen music fan.
      ‘prices way beyond the means of average musos’
      • ‘Ask your average muso and they will say that these boys from Seattle were the Godfathers of Grunge, purveyors of bile-built emotionally charged music of such rare quality that they became instant legends and timeless wonders.’
      • ‘I am fascinated by record shops - full of know-it-all shop assistants in teeshirt uniforms, and musos deeply into their thing.’
      • ‘Four part harmonies, a production quality that worked your stereo into a sweat and enough influences on display to have your average muso digging through their collection meant that the CD was never far away from a play.’
      • ‘Live jazz every Thursday night brings in a regular crowd of musos, while great coffee and snacks complete the picture.’


1960s (originally Australian): abbreviation.