Definition of muskellunge in English:



  • A large pike that occurs only in the Great Lakes region of North America.

    Esox masquinongy, family Esocidae

    Also called maskinonge
    • ‘Predatory fish in the ecozone include the lake sturgeon, brook trout, lake trout, northern pike, muskellunge, largemouth bass, sauger, and walleye.’
    • ‘Their close relative, the muskellunge, have scales covering only the upper half of their cheek and gill covers.’
    • ‘Of the six types of pike found, only northern pike and muskellunge retain any culinary value.’
    • ‘Although it has value as a game fish, it is outclassed by a far larger member of the genus, the muskellunge (maskinonge in Canada), E. masquinongy, of which the principal subspecies inhabits the Great Lakes region.’
    • ‘A tiger muskie is a hybrid between a muskellunge and a northern pike.’


Late 18th century: based on Ojibwa, ‘great fish’.