Definition of muskeg in English:



  • A swamp or bog in northern North America.

    as modifier ‘muskeg swamps’
    mass noun ‘700 miles of muskeg and mountains’
    • ‘The lowlands of the island are blanketed with muskeg, a type of bog up to 3 feet deep with a hard crust on top.’
    • ‘Underneath the muskeg is a layer of sand, rock and overburden, a clay-like material.’
    • ‘Of that land base, less than half is productive forestland, the balance made up of swamps, lakes, muskeg and rocks.’
    • ‘At least 50,000 snakes overwinter in these dens every year, dispersing into the surrounding muskeg swampland during summer.’
    • ‘They typically nest in sedge meadows, muskeg bogs, or coastal wetlands.’


Early 19th century: from Cree.