Definition of musk deer in English:

musk deer


  • A small solitary deerlike East Asian mammal without antlers, the male having long protruding upper canine teeth. Musk is produced in a sac on the abdomen of the male.

    Family Moschidae and genus Moschus: several species

    • ‘Musk is very valuable, and musk deer are heavily hunted.’
    • ‘These are thought to be a tiger, a rhinoceros, an elephant, a bull and below him is the musk deer.’
    • ‘Musk is now prohibited since overkill has made the musk deer almost extinct.’
    • ‘Though hunting of musk deer is totally prohibited in neighboring Mongolia, the report reveals that at least 12,000 of the animals were poached between 1996 and 2001.’
    • ‘The items most sought after by traders are certain medicinal herbs that grow at the highest altitudes, the musk glands of male musk deer, and the gallbladders of Himalayan black bears.’