Definition of musique concrète in English:

musique concrète


mass noun
  • Music constructed by mixing recorded sounds, first developed by experimental composers in the 1940s.

    • ‘He is a well-known laptop performer, using the latest computer and music hardware and software to produce a kind of musique concrète.’
    • ‘Parallels can be found with musique concrète, electro-acoustic or contemporary classical, but these only seem to reveal one side of this ambitious project.’
    • ‘The instrumentalists' self-titled debut focused on extraneous (but ultimately rewarding) studies in minimalism, occasionally interrupted by doses of self-sabotaging musique concrète.’
    • ‘In fact many of them reminded me of the experiments I was doing in the 1950s with musique concrète, using monophonic tape recorders, dropping marbles on to a piano sounding board and so on.’


French, literally ‘concrete music’.


musique concrète

/mjuːˌziːk kɒ̃ˈkrɛt/