Definition of musing in English:



usually musings
  • A period of reflection or thought.

    ‘his musings were interrupted by the sound of the telephone’
    • ‘Enough of this pseudo-intellectual posturing, these pretentious literary musings!’
    • ‘These musings will soon give way to the real purpose of their visits here: to report next Thursday's result.’
    • ‘We await with bated breath your musings on other complicated hygiene issues.’
    • ‘In particular, the ruminative musings on anthropocentricity are virtually absent.’
    • ‘It's encouraging and affirming to be told you might be interested in your own writings and musings.’
    • ‘And on that note I shall end this quick jaunt through the mangled musings of a multitude of minds.’
    • ‘Trust me, it's for you own good that you never read these confused musings.’
    • ‘Charlie's first column appears next week and the diary awaits his musings with interest.’
    • ‘To the more sceptical listener, some of his musings may seem a little woolly.’
    • ‘However, I found myself both laughing at her recent musings, agreeing with some and hating others.’
    • ‘We are deluged with trivial information and pointless musings which strain the patience to breaking point.’
    • ‘It's a combination of these memories and Morton's reflective musings that fill these pages.’
    • ‘At first, his musings on time appear to be merely intellectual topiary to fill out a slim story.’
    • ‘I decided to lie down, relax, ponder the most recent musings of life, and try to nap.’
    • ‘You can spend week after week pumping your most intimate musings into the ether, and nothing comes back.’
    • ‘Partly this reflects their monopoly of parish discussions, which means their musings go unchallenged.’
    • ‘Slipstream is all about an old man's musings on life, death and God.’
    • ‘Perhaps I could add some philosophical musings about the human condition.’
    • ‘A secret place to write down your thoughts and inner musings or just somewhere to record what you did each day.’
    • ‘There are some blogs that you return to again and again, not just to read the latest entry but to browse the archive of past musings.’
    meditation, thinking, contemplation, deliberation, pondering, reflection, rumination, cogitation, introspection, daydreaming, dreaming, reverie, brown study, abstraction, preoccupation, brooding, wool-gathering
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  • Characterized by reflection or deep thought.

    ‘the sad musing gaze’
    • ‘She brings a deep musing regret to her recital of a sad poem about true love untimely slain, how it will never rise from the grave again.’
    • ‘They could not shirk their duty; they could not afford the luxury of self-doubt or introspective musing.’
    • ‘I could send you an advance version of the book, and you could do a review, a related article, or a musing right here.’
    • ‘For all its casual, musing style, this is an ambitious book.’
    • ‘Women beware women is one of the messages of this thought-provoking book, which combines dramatic events with weighty chunks of philosophical musing.’