Definition of mushy peas in English:

mushy peas

plural noun

  • Marrowfat peas cooked until soft and served in their own juice.

    • ‘Gone are the days when footballers refuelled on brown ale, pies and mushy peas.’
    • ‘I had Cod, chips and mushy peas with bread and butter and a pot of tea.’
    • ‘The guacamole (made from avocado but resembling mushy peas) was rich and smooth.’
    • ‘He claimed his father had kept her in squalor and fed her on mushy peas and oatmeal while siphoning off her millions.’
    • ‘Lumpy custard, soggy cabbage and mushy peas are perhaps the most memorable features of school dinners in years gone by.’
    • ‘On top of that mess, he then added a portion of mushy peas.’
    • ‘I was thus spared from being locked in a pigeon loft with a plate of mushy peas for the rest of the night.’
    • ‘It had put him right off his mushy peas.’
    • ‘It was, alas, mushy peas that day.’
    • ‘Words cannot describe my hatred for mushy peas.’
    • ‘But I still miss the opportunity to clog my arteries with piecrust, dollops of potato and mushy peas.’
    • ‘It also warns their removal could lead to the demise of some products such as mushy peas and Turkish delight.’
    • ‘Earlier we had been sitting near the pier eating our fish and chips and mushy peas.’
    • ‘I heard them talking about traditional British delicacies, and I was thinking, you know, a chip buddy and mushy peas.’
    • ‘I ordered fish, chips and mushy peas; Vanessa, a chicken burger with fries.’
    • ‘I was spoiled by the British Isles Show that came through Toronto recently and must now find a source of mushy peas somewhere downtown.’
    • ‘Try the fish and chips with mushy peas, which are sensational.’
    • ‘You might really like bright green mushy peas, they might sparkle up your day like nothing else.’
    • ‘Young French and German musicians sampled a traditional Bolton delicacy when they tucked into fish, chips and mushy peas.’
    • ‘In my view, Jack should have been actively encouraged to extend the offer to two shark steaks with every carton of mushy peas.’