Definition of mushie in English:



  • 1A mushroom.

    ‘toss the pasta in the sauce and serve the mushies on the side’
    • ‘The hospital gets up to 250 calls each mushroom season from people who munch on mushies then fret they have been poisoned.’
    • ‘Justine is teaming seafood with her mushies.’
    • ‘He has spent more than 2500 hours searching for mushies to the point he can spot clusters while driving at 100km an hour.’
    • ‘By searing portobello or field mushies in a hot pan, you get wonderfully concentrated mushrooms in a fraction of the time it would take to roast them.’
    • ‘I like to mix portabellos with button, cremini, oyster, and wild mushies, but use whatever you have on hand.’
    • ‘I had two helpings of bacon, eggs, tomatoes, mushies and sausages, a big glass of orange juice, an apple danish and 3 mini croissants.’
    • ‘Whatever happened to good old bacon and bum nuts on toast with mushies and tomatoes?’
    • ‘Stir over a medium high heat until the mushies release their juices.’
    • ‘While we often add in some extra mushies or onions to the barbecue mix, let's not forget all of the other vegetables that taste just as great barbecued.’
    • ‘The Mushroom Man stall is funghi fans' heaven with 'shrooms available all year round along with exotic mushies, truffles and truffle oils.’
    1. 1.1
      ‘it's as if mushies are now equivalent to crystal meth’
      short for magic mushroom
      • ‘They want to do more mushies, but I'm worried.’
      • ‘I went to a party last night, got drunk, stoned and was tripping on mushies.’
      • ‘I'm not too keen on taking mushies at parties.’
      • ‘Dried mushies are never as potent as the fresh stuff.’
      • ‘In my misguided youth, I spent many hours searching for "mushies".’
      • ‘I could feel the mushies coming on stronger and stronger.’
      • ‘Mushies have weird semi-legal status over here, I think.’