Definition of museum piece in English:

museum piece


  • 1An object that is worthy of display in a museum.

    ‘a stunning museum piece from the 18th century’
    • ‘The notable museum piece, the Endrick pike head, was found in 1334 near the River Endrick, a tributary of Loch Lomond, and its owner is estimated to have been well in excess of 70 lb.’
    • ‘As a result, many of the armour, weapons and clothing are exquisitely detailed and backed up by solid provenance - the evidential proof of a historic manuscript or, even better, a museum piece.’
    • ‘The cruiser, today a museum piece on the Thames near Tower Bridge - and a significant reminder of the presence of the Royal Navy in the capital - served the Fleet from 1939 until the early 1970s.’
    • ‘Going into space is so rare that when something goes into space, it pretty much becomes a museum piece.’
    • ‘Located in such a remote place among mountains and rivers, the town is so well preserved that any stone is a museum piece.’
    • ‘Heritage listing, however, does not imply that a place would be closed up and treated as a museum piece.’
    • ‘Today, the station is being maintained by London Underground mainly as a museum piece, film set and the ticket hall is frequently rented out for art exhibitions, book launches and other private parties.’
    • ‘Their early creation is now a museum piece - literally - reflecting the software principles and programming culture of its era.’
    • ‘Although they are widely collected, stuffed animals rarely become museum pieces because they do not belong to a category that is readily identifiable as art.’
    • ‘A two-year-old passenger jet that never went into service landed at Manchester to become a museum piece.’
    • ‘There, performative aspects of local practice such as songs, dances, and rituals have come to be institutionalised as new categories of objects alongside more conventional museum pieces.’
    • ‘The question is simply this: should great passenger ships, when they come to the end of their working life, be saved and turned into a museum piece or consigned to the breaker's yard to be fondly remembered as they were in their heydays?’
    • ‘Unfortunately, cost-cutting measures could see the Athens observatory closed and the telescope taken out of use and preserved merely as a museum piece within the next two years.’
    • ‘The site could be redeveloped into an educational museum piece.’
    • ‘If the campaign is successful, the aim is to turn the ship into a working museum piece, an example of paddle steamers and a reminder of the heroism of the men of Dunkirk.’
    • ‘The princess is patron of the Victorian ironclad warship, which has been a museum piece in Portsmouth Harbour for more than 15 years, and joined local schoolchildren and renovators for the last act of laying new planks.’
    • ‘A British Airways Concorde was due to land Wednesday at Boeing Field in Seattle, where it will become a museum piece.’
    antique, period piece
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    1. 1.1 A person or thing regarded as old-fashioned, irrelevant, or no longer useful.
      ‘we're nothing but museum pieces—machines can do everything that we can do’
      • ‘But 21st century Buddhism will be left behind as a museum piece if we do not harness ourselves to the new technologies and the Internet.’
      • ‘While the future of the plastic bag hangs in the balance, she expressed the hope that in years to come the plastic bag will become a museum piece viewed as a 20th century curiosity by our great, great grandchildren.’
      • ‘That is why art has become a museum piece in France, rather than a source of political commitment and a force of social protest.’
      • ‘The reason I bring this up is the other day in a bar I saw an Atari which was like a museum piece in a way, and it struck me - my God, this is nostalgia for our generation who grew up on Ataris and BMX bikes and that kind of stuff!’
      • ‘From set, lighting, and sound design to the acting of even subsidiary roles, this production set an enviably high standard that made what could have been merely a museum piece into a vibrant bit of comic irony and social satire.’
      • ‘But York is not a museum piece, and nor would we wish it to be.’
      • ‘They have machine guns and repeating rifles, not the bolt-action museum pieces I've seen your islanders lugging about.’
      • ‘The process of development over the years has made the last Beetle a motorcar you could still live with today, while the original 1200 cc job would be a veritable museum piece on today's roads.’
      • ‘It is a world heritage site, but not a museum piece.’
      • ‘These works also demonstrate the potential for the tutu to live on as wearable couture rather than a museum piece.’
      • ‘The place was a relic, a museum piece, preserved like a man who stops shopping for clothes the day he retires and spends the next thirty years living in limbo and the same pair of nylon trousers.’
      • ‘Most of the beautiful traditional songs might be museum pieces now, but the impulse to stamp your own identity on play is still there.’
      fogey, old fogey, conservative, traditionalist, conventionalist, diehard, conformist, bourgeois, fossil, dinosaur, troglodyte
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museum piece