Definition of museum beetle in English:

museum beetle


  • A small dark beetle whose larvae can cause severe damage to carpets, stored goods, and zoological and entomological collections.

    Anthrenus museorum and related species, family Dermestidae

    • ‘These containers are good because they prevent pests such as museum beetles from getting in but be careful not to put still-drying specimens in there because the moisture build up can result in the specimens getting covered in fungus.’
    • ‘We got beetles hatching in the necks of Chinese basses and museum beetles munching on the bow hair.’
    • ‘He made a prediction based on a museum beetle specimen, and then traveled to the scrubland of the Lake Wales ridge in Central Florida where the insect had originally been collected.’
    • ‘I was still collecting and mounting insects but my enthusiasm waned when my prize collection was destroyed by museum beetles.’
    • ‘The dead insects are just as good as skin and hair as a food resource for immature museum beetles.’
    • ‘Before pinning in the insects, each box should be painted inside with a mixture to prevent ingress of insect pests (psocids, museum beetles, etc.), and allowed to dry in the closed position.’
    • ‘Ironically, the collection is at greatest risk from insect infestation, notably museum beetles. ‘If the larvae of these beetles get into a drawer they can destroy an entire collection in a matter of weeks’, he said.’
    • ‘A museum beetle is a member of the dermestid beetle family that's used in museums to clean up bones that will be used in museum displays.’
    • ‘This technique is, however, unsuitable for long-term storage in warm humid climates, where the specimens may be destroyed by mould, and in many climates the dried insects are susceptible to attack by museum beetles and similar scavengers.’
    • ‘Dermestids or museum beetles are a group of small meat-eating beetles whose larvae do a marvelous job of stripping tissue from even the most delicate of bones.’
    • ‘The dead insect carcasses in the catch tray of the electrocutor could become a food source for breeding Dermestids (larder beetles, museum beetles, carpet beetles).’
    • ‘Apparently Lepidoptera and Coleoptera were integrated with other collections and looked after, but we discovered masses of old cigar boxes in the bowels of the museum containing specimens of all Orders, which are almost certainly his collection, ravaged by museum beetle and thickly coated with industrial grime.’
    • ‘Infection of specimens can be a problem and mites or museum beetles can destroy a collection in a short time.’
    • ‘The museum beetle that causes so much damage to museum collections also belongs to this family.’
    • ‘To protect the collection against other insects, such as the museum beetles, a small amount of flake naphthalene or a small block of vapona should be placed in the storage container.’
    • ‘The book box design protected this collection from the ravages common to museum collections of its day (museum beetles, light, and moisture).’
    • ‘A number of problems may occur, specimens will rot if damp, some colors will fade if subjected to direct sunlight, and museum beetles may turn perfect specimens to dust because the beetles eat dead insects.’