Definition of muscimol in English:



mass nounChemistry
  • A narcotic and hallucinogenic compound found in the fly agaric and other fungi.

    An alkaloid related to oxazole; chemical formula: C₄H₆N₂O₂

    • ‘The substances were GABA, a GABA-enhancing compound called muscimol, and a GABA-blocking compound called bicuculline.’
    • ‘Microinjections of muscimol and bicuculline into the pontine reticular formation modify the sleep-waking cycle in the rat.’
    • ‘Eugster and Waser first isolated muscimol from this species and it is this substance which is the main hallucinogen.’
    • ‘The administration of muscimol inhibited the development of reverse tolerance against morphine hyperactivity in mice that had received chronic administration of morphine.’
    • ‘Indeed, benzodiazepines can interact with other neurotransmitters within the DPAG and, compared to muscimol, can exert different actions on heterogeneous GABAA receptor subtypes.’


1960s: from modern Latin muscaria (see muscarine) + im(ine) + -ol.