Definition of muscatel in English:


(also muscadel)


  • 1A muscat grape, especially as grown for drying to make raisins.

    • ‘Over the centuries, viniculture in what is now Peru and Chile developed brandy from muscatel grapes, now called pisco.’
    • ‘It is a blend of Riesling, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, muscatel and Gewürztraminer.’
    • ‘These oils are used in making perfume and in imparting a muscatel flavor to wines, vermouths, and liqueurs.’
    1. 1.1 A raisin made from a muscatel grape.
      • ‘Soft and spicy, with aged wine characters and flavours of muscatel raisins.’
      • ‘See also currants, lexias, muscatels, sultanas, and raisins for specific sorts of dried grape.’
    2. 1.2mass noun A wine made from muscatel grapes.
      • ‘How sweet the coffee tastes, more delicious than a thousand kisses, mellower than muscatel wine.’
      • ‘This is a remote arid area of thorn bushes, ostriches, and minimal rainfall, but the town, Montagu, is famous for the production of muscatel, a sweet dessert wine.’


Via Old French from Provençal, diminutive of muscat (see muscat).