Definition of musambi in English:



  • An orange of a variety with green skin and yellow flesh.

    • ‘Therefore, fruit juice rich in Vit C such as orange, musambi or tomato is usually the first thing to be started for the baby.’
    • ‘My teacher made a wild grab for the wheel and wrenched it to the right before I could bang into a vending cart piled with musambis.’
    • ‘But yesterday, I had the usual chicken-roll and two musambis, I still wanted more.’
    • ‘Some other imported fruit often available in the city are oranges from Germany, grapes from Iran, musambi from Switzerland and kiwi fruit from New Zealand.’
    • ‘We had 2 rounds of musambi juice and Sowmya promised Nrutya a lifetime supply of icecreams - for what I don't remember.’


Alteration of Mozambique.